A family visit

Today we went up to Shenandoah River State Park and enjoyed a lovely visit at the cabin that Mary and Anne have been renting this week.


After exploring the cabin and enjoying lunch we set out on a trail next to the cabin that took us down to the river. It was hot and very sunny but we were Intrepid and managed to drag ourselves back about a mile and a half or two miles later. 🙌


It was a wonderful visit!


Lucy enjoying the wrap around deck
The kitchen
Front room with fireplace
The hammock was quite popular
Captain Belle, hammock pilot!


The beds were visoted
And enjoyed.
The trail near the cabin was shaded and went through a lovely Forest.
Soon we came to farm fields.


We also brought Moki and I didn’t get a good picture of him–but he had a wonderful time! Ken had him off leash most of the walk and he stayed right with us the whole time. By the end he was exhausted…. Anyway I think we all felt like Belle had the right idea:


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