Pilgrimage continued…

So after leaving Port Tobacco, our next destination was Saint Clement’s Island. St Clement’s Island, the spot where the ships the Ark and the Dove, carrying Maryland’s Catholic founders landed in 1634, and the first Mass was said. We had about a 40-minute drive to get there…. And the last Water Taxi to the island was due to leave in 40 minutes….

“Pedal to the metal, Kenny!”

I did not want to miss this boat!

There were several factors slowing us down, but the strangest one of all was having to follow a man– for most of one mile–a man riding a bike on a two-lane road–who had a dog running beside him–the dog would run really close to the bike and then it would veer left into oncoming traffic and back again very close to the bike. Naturally my suggestion was, “Ken, hurry up, we will miss the boat, just pass the bike already!” And he said, “if we pass the bike we will end up killing that dog!” We both agreed that this was the most irresponsible, careless and callus dog owner we had ever seen. And then finally the dog stopped running— and sat down in the middle of the street in front of our car. And the biker buzzed off with some relief, and we realized that the pit bull did not belong to the bike rider afterall–and then the Menace to society caught its breath and turned around to trot to his own yard… A mile behind us!

And we did miss the boat 🙂

Colton’s Point is a beautiful little town with a museum and the water taxi… And Saint Clement’s island in the distance.

It’s a fun place to visit, but I don’t recommend getting there on a bike!


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