The world’s easiest casserole


First night instant pot meat of choice: chicken, beef, pork loin -add broth/wine for plenty of juice.


That’s the first meal.

We are

Leftover time: cooked rice, cheese, frozen chopped spinach, raisins, meat.


img_20190121_093924930342894692281544.jpgone layer each rice, shredded cheese, spinach (still frozen), cheese, meat, raisins, shredded cheese. Cover with foil. Bake.



Make one for later, too.


Super easy and quick, versatile and delish.




It was wonderful seeing Anne last week and getting to visit with her and Betty. 💞



Some sewing in process.



Tee and two.



This  ebook is free if you have Amazon prime.

I like Sterling Jaquith-good blog too-coffee and pearls.



At Meadowlark Gardens (the sleigh is no longer there I’m sure) but free admission through February.



The lighthouse came from the store and the little tray from Ikea for only $5.



So far no one has noticed the little sign.


The quote is from the last homily (fr. Arne) excellent book!


God bless you, gentle readers, all 3 of you!❤️


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