The beautiful paper whites from Betty. Aren’t they beautiful ❤️
A room with a view
Two left feet– surrounded by prayers and kindness. Anne stopped by and it was fun to see that she knew everyone! Thank you Anne ❤️. The nurses were so nice too they were terrific. The assisting doctor was very jolly and she said a uterus is so tiny that she calls it a cute-eris. She said it’s amazing they expand to hold a baby –or two babies as in Teresa’s case! God is amazing! Betty has brought a wonderful soup over…thank you! Mimi stopped in at 11pm post op and I think I scared her to death by asking “Who are you?” But the room was dark and she didn’t identify herself when she came in😂😂😂still laughing about that. Ken, my free Uber driver has been wonderful throughout. Thanks be to God for all these blessings! This experience has been so filled with nice people it might have been habit forming except I had only one cute-eris!