Astrid the Unstoppable


Astrid is part pippi longstocking and part Anne Shirley whose best friend is a 74year old neighbor. Astrid is also known as the little thunderbolt of Glimmerdal (for good reason), and her motto is “speed and self confidence”. It’s quite charming.






All twins all the time around here lately but even before they arrived I wondered what will they be like?  Fraternal, obviously…


But boy and girl…



Clearly it was hard to imagine what they would be like.


Soon twins began showing up everywhere




And the day before induction, we went to Walmart with Teresa but no emergency delivery there… Thank goodness…




Finally Thursday November 29th arrived..

Thanksgiving et al


Some of the guests enjoying  Under the Tableland before dinner…


A large land, indeed!



Our very favorite guest: a fully cooked smoked turkey from Costco. Game changer.



Fireside dreams



The perfect posture demonstrated by James.





We all enjoyed spending time with Nicole ❤️



Please pull up a chair

Yesterday at Meadowlark Gardens

It was fun to see everything again. Ken and I got our membership last September, and we really enjoyed visiting the gardens often through the winter and spring…. Then hurricane Moki arrived and we stopped going, since dogs are not allowed. We really got our money’s worth though —and a lot of joy— out of that $45 investment… Is there another one year membership we could get this fall? Do you have any ideas? Please let me know!

Nonie and Nano have been enjoying this cocoa from Trader Joe’s.

I tried some at their house and it is delish. And by the way it is available on Amazon!

Our night-blooming Jasmine is flush with flowers for the second time this summer. Ken went out to check on it and noticed that it was covered with moths —they looked a little bit like Skippers/hummingbird moths, and they visited the flowers in turn drinking the nectar. If only I could capture the fragrance of the flowers and put it on the blog!

The night-blooming Jasmine has very tiny trumpet shaped flowers, and each little trumpet is only about a quarter of an inch across.

“Tony,” bought at The Store several years ago, up from the basement:

I’d forgotten how lovely he is!

It’s nice to enjoy him again. 😊

The end.

A little this and that and a lot of yellow


New Beginnings for the Hilleary’s: Charlotte is taking ballet and tap and Danny is in t-ball.



Blessed Mother, please drain the swamp!

(Betty found this picture on the internet)



I had a little extra material to make a dress for Teresa’s baby girl and pair of pants for the baby boy and a bow tie for Sebastian. Still have material left over (is it multiplying somehow?) which I am thinking of trying to make a vest for Sebastian. All this is too funny! Why stop there? I should just make a pair of matching pajamas for Pat and Teresa and Texas!! 😂😂😂 and then cover their couch!



Words of wisdom!



Missing Lia 😢  but thank you, Josie, for introducing our yellow theme on which to close!